​US Based Nigerian Top Model Mary Timms

Slays In Bikini Shoots for US Fashion


Popular Nigerian born US based Model

Mary Timms who recently came into the

spotlight after emerging winner of Face Of

Next Generation entertainment Award in

Maryland has released stunningly amazing

bikini photos for a fashion house

“Crowning Around”

215 c. Ave Lawton, Oklahoma USA.

Crowning Around which deals on variety of

high profile outfits for celebrities and top

designers engaged her professional

modelling services to showcase the bikini


Mary Timms also took other interesting

photo shoots in choice locations in America

including shots at Devon boathouse in

Oklahoma and Maryland USA. According to

her it was an amazing experience and she

is not interested in the impression people

feel about it but she loves her colour, hair

and style as an African lady ” I am unique

by nature and I love that about myself, but

one of the things I love about myself is my

colour, I don’t care about what people

think or say about that, provided it attracts

me fame and fortune. Some people say I

am too dark. Guess what?

I don’t give a hook about your opinion

because one man’s food is another man’s

poison as such, to me dark skin colour is

the best anyone can have ever. My

question is why change or bleach that

beautiful colour God gave you or tint that

complexion while other people are trying

to get that colour of yours? To all the

Ebony beauty out there this is for us, I am

so proud to be one, so you should, I love

you all”

The Anambra born black beauty who

recently visited Nigeria to seal a model management contract deal in Africa with Amity Global Network and undertake projects on ” Kick Against Rape” and “Say No To Domestic violence is already hitting headlines in America


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